Author: Jessica | April 12, 2010 | Media

As a New York native I fell in love with the culture and demographic of the city from the moment I stepped onto 42nd St. As a singer, poet, reporter, and writer my hobbies thrive through my creative side and the arts. When I am not singing or writing I enjoy intern experience including data analysis, PR, marketing, and research.

Friends classify me as a chocoholic considering I indulge in this delicious confection at least once a day. As a lover of chocolate chocri is my dream internship where I can create my own customized chocolate bar!

Especially, as a health advocate chocri offers delicious dark chocolate filled with flavanols and antioxidants, even fruits containing fiber and vitamins! Nutritious and delicious (somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming) you will never want a different chocolate bar again. The possibilities are endless you can even give a nostalgic gift to the family with Persian Noghl Almonds or feeling luxurious? How about gold flakes (yes they are actual gold)!

My personal favorite is a mix of rich dark chocolate, cayenne pepper, vanilla bourbon, gold flakes, and a little organic pretzel for some extra crunch. The spicy exotic pepper, calming vanilla, classy gold flakes, and fun crunch let my personality shine through.

Jessica Fontanello


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