Chocri celebrates National Pecan Day

Author: Kim | April 14, 2010 | ChocolateToppings

Happy National Pecan Day, chocri fans!

Pecans are an important part of Southern American cuisine, and they're also the only tree nuts native to North America. The first pecans were cultivated on Long Island (holla!) by settlers back in 1772, but they were a Native American staple even before that.

The pie-friendly nuts are high in Oleic Acid, shown to lower LDL cholesterol in people with normal lipid levels. But they also contain high levels of zinc, which is associated with an >ahem< enhanced love life. The mighty pecan is probably best known for its prominence in Pecan Pies and Tassies, particularly down south, but it's also tasty in chicken dishes, salads and a ton of other recipes.

Pecans are a popular nut topping in chocri bars, and we've seen some mouth-watering combos featuring them. Pecans pair well with all three varieties of chocri chocolate (milk, white and dark) and also work well with our dried fruit toppings (pineapple or apricot spring to mind) or our confectionary options (pecans and toffee, anyone?)

To mark National Pecan Day, we've got a one day special for all pecan and chocolate lovers. On National Pecan Day, pecans are on us for any chocri bar. Jonesing for some chocolate chess pie? Maybe a milk chocolate base with pecans, cinnamon, bourbon vanilla and toffee bits will help alleviate your craving.

If you take advantage of today's Pecan promotion, please let us know in the comments! We love to hear about your creative chocri combinations.


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