New Topping on Your Chocolate Bar: Cocoa Nibs!

Author: Carmen | April 15, 2010 | Toppings

Cocoa nibs are the soul of the cocoa bean, the kernel inside that is pure cocoa, and pure bliss. And now, you can customize your chocolate bar with this essence of the fruit of the gods - We introduce: Cocoa Nibs.

In fact, it's taken us far too long. Even before we launched, you told us at our New York tasting that you want to have Cocoa Nibs. We finally found Cocoa Nibs that make us happy - and now you can add them to your chocolate bar, too!

Here some more info on these little pieces of goodness:

"Cocoa nibs ... are bits of roasted cocoa beans. They're the whole foods version of chocolate! They have not been sweetened or otherwise processed, so they’re bitter and a little grainy, a little crunchy." [Source] Their flavor is powerful. You can practically darken your chocolate bar by adding them as a topping - your dark chocolate then has a cocoa content higher than the 64% of the base chocolate. Beware - Cocoa Nibs are not sweet, but cocoa in its essence. That also means that they are packed with all the antioxidants, heart-healthy and aphrodisiac ingredients - for everyone who wants to give their chocolate a chocolatey boost.

Try them out for a crunchy, healthy and tasty addition to the chocolate bar of your dreams! Find them waiting for you in the Grains section.

Cocoa Nibs now available by chocri
Image Source: Carol White from the blog Cocoa Nibs


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