Happy Cashew Day! (And free cashews!)

Author: Kim | April 21, 2010 | Toppings

Are you a fan of the humble cashew?

Today, April 21st, is National Cashew Day. The scientific name of cashews is Anacardium curatellifolium, for their heart-like shape. (The suffix "cardium," as you may have deduced, means "heart.") Awww...

Cashews, first imported to the US in 1905, are a popular ingredient in sweet confections (such as a chocri bar) or savory ones (like Cashew Chicken!) But in addition to their many uses in the kitchen, according to Wikipedia, cashew nuts are also still used in parts of the world for medicinal purposes:

"The cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), a by-product of processing cashew, is mostly composed of anacardic acids. These acids have been used effectively against tooth abscesses due to their lethality to gram-positive bacteria. They are also active against a wide range of other gram-positive bacteria. Many parts of the plant are used by the Patamona of Guyana medicinally. The bark is scraped and soaked overnight or boiled as an antidiarrheal. Seeds are ground up into powders used for antivenom for snake bites. The nut oil is used topically as an antifungal and for healing cracked heels.."

Whether you like cashews because you just got a snake bite or you think they taste good, we're celebrating National Cashew Day today with free cashews on any chocri bar. Feeling adventurous? Volcano Cashews (coated with chili and cayenne pepper) and Cheese Curry Coated Cashews are heavily discounted today too, at just $0.20 per bar.

Are you cashew crazy? Tell us about your chocri cashew creations in the comments!


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