earth day 2010

Happy 40th Earth Day, chocri fans!

Observing Earth Day to raise awareness of environmental issues began in the US in 1970, and the tradition was started by US Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. However, the biggest celebration that year by far was in chocri's US home city of New York (holla!), where then-mayor Lindsay shut down Fifth Avenue and made Central Park available for a gathering. An estimated one million people were in attendance in New York for the first Earth Day celebration.

To celebrate Earth Day 2010, we've created a specially priced bar that evokes aerial pictures of the Earth. Fluffy cloud-like Noghl Almonds, dark ocean blue Candied Lilac, grass-green pistachios, a mountain range of sweet nougat and tiny cinnamon dots for the population of planet Earth (that's you!) in a creamy milk chocolate base make up chocri's Earth Day 2010 bar.

Although it looks pretty, this year's Earth Day bar also combines some really fantastic flavors in a crunchy, sweet, Earthy way. Normally $13.30, we've priced the chocri Earth Day 2010 bar at $8.00. (A discount of $5.30 per bar!) Pick one up for your favorite environmentalist!


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