Top 5 Bar Names of the Week

Author: Carmen | April 23, 2010 | Top-Bar-Names

Did Friday sneak up on you too this week? I feel like I just found out. Although I should have known, because there is a long list of cool chocolate bar names again, of which I picked my favorite 5:

  • Strawberry pop (Dark Chocolate with Strawberry, Bourbon Vanilla and Sizzle Rocks)
    Extra points for effective use of an onomatopoeia in a chocolate bar name!
Potato Sauce Chocolate Bar by chocri
  • Potato Sauce (Milk Chocolate with Strawberry, Peanuts, Smiley Male, Star Decoration and Peanut Butter Drops)
    I would give a lot to know why this one's called Potato Sauce!

  • Island Pina Colada (White Chocolate with Real Gold Flakes, Macadamia Nuts, Coconut Shavings and Pineapples)
    Love that one. Instant tropical feeling!

  • Carnival (Milk Chocolate with Gummy Bears, Colorful Chocolate Dragées, Mini Heart Decoration, Sprinkles and Sizzle Rocks)
    What a colorful fun bar! Just a creepy clown missing! :)

  • Orgasm in a Bar (Milk Chocolate with Caramel Chocolate Drops and Raspberry)
    Someone has tried chocri bars before, hm? ;)

Trends this week were a lot of sizzle rocks, as well as lot's of "Mom" mentions. Like this bar: - Mom mom's chocri (Dark Chocolate with Cashews, Walnuts, Rice Crispies in Chocolate Coating and Toffee) Clearly, Mother's Day is coming up! Give your Mom a personalized chocolate bar!

Do you have any fun chocri bar names to share? Please comment, whether you've made your bar yet or not!


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