Final Phase in the Coupon Race

Author: Carmen | April 26, 2010 | MediaSpecial-Offers

- Only One More Week to Boost Your Coupon!

"Final Phase in the Coupon Race"...I like the idea of a rhyme, but it's not really so much as a race, although maybe against time:

By May 3, that's NEXT MONDAY, we'll count all of our Followers and Fans, and depending on how many we have, the higher the coupon ALL of our Fans/ Followers get.

chocri on Facebook and Twitteri Did you know we have more than 4000 Facebook Fans already? So, that assures that the coupon we'll give out on May 3 will have at least a value of more than $8. If we reach 5000 Fans by the end of the week, the coupon will go up to $10! So click "suggest to your friends" and ask them to check us out and see if they like us, too. Not only you get the coupon, they get it too! So do your friends a favor and tell them about this.

On Twitter, we help out a little bit with a $5 coupon code value base. Then, again, the more of you follow us, the higher the coupon. Currently, our Follower count is at about 700, which means the coupon is at $6.40. And yes, of course you can be our Fan and Follower. Please follow us, and recommend us to your followers.

Why do we care? Since we've launched our Facebook Page and Twitter Account, interaction with you guys (and ladies) has become a lot richer. You gave us great suggestions and provided instant feedback on some of our ideas. We appreciate you letting us know how you feel about stuff we do, and we are really grateful that you recommend us and help us spread the word. Everyone should have the right to design their own chocolate bar! :)
Thank you for your support.


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