10 billion possible combinations is really not enough. First, we invented that you can combine base chocolates with the toppings of your choice, now we invented that you can combine the base chocolates of your choice! Introducing: Our Milk and White Chocolate Combination!!

I'm really, really excited about this.

Milk and White Chocolate Combination

As you can see in the picture above, you can now combine White and Milk Chocolate. It's basically layers of chocolate on top of each other, and you can choose it as another 'base chocolate', although we of course now that this is anything but basic.

Our two favorite base chocolates married to form a special temptation. Creamy and extravagant, this chocolate base is ideal for everyone who can't make a decision between White and Milk Chocolate - just have them both! But not only the ease of making a decision should convince you - it's the taste that will blow you away. The sweetness of the White Chocolate combined with the creaminess of the Milk Chocolate is an ideal base for many topping combinations. Try it out!


  1. April 28, 2010 | Mix Mingle Glow said:
    Hi! I thought you'd like to know that Chocri was featured on the Wedding & Event Planning blog, Mix Mingle Glow today. The post has already received lots of attention on FB and Twitter and we are not surprised. As soon as I discovered Chocri I knew it would be a HUGE hit with our readers! Between the amazing variety of options you offer, the ability to order in bulk (perfect for our Brides and party clients!), the low shipping price and your commitment to a wonderful charity, who WOULDN'T love you as much as we at Mix Mingle Glow do (well, almost as much!)?
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    Robyn Bomar
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