This Week's Top 5 Bar Names

Author: Kim | April 9, 2010 | Top-Bar-Names

chocri top five april 9

Happy Friday, chocri fans!

Did the Easter bunny take care of everyone? (Based on some of our pre-Easter orders, a lot of lucky giftees got some wonderful personalized chocolate bars in their baskets.)

As always, we love seeing the infinate number of tasty combinations you guys invent and the clever names you give them. Here are five of our favorites from this week!

For the best pun, we liked I Goji Banana With You! (Dark Chocolate with Banana Chips and Goji Berries)

We had some New Yorkers in the house this week, and two neighborhood bars that we liked were The Hell's Kitchen (Dark Chocolate with Jalapeños, Organic Sesame Seeds and Pistachios) and The Fifth Avenue (Dark Chocolate with Golden Pearls)

In the category of "this would make a great indie band name" is Chaos Is Sweet (Dark Chocolate with Cranberries and Hazelnut Brittle)

And lastly, for the best basic expression of warm-weather joy, It's Spring!, an uncluttered creation simply featuring White Chocolate and Flower Mix.

It also looks like a lot of chocri fans are taking advantage of the 5+1 promo- for every 5 bars you create, we add a surprise chocolate bar to your order on us! Our chocri fans in Germany have really responded to the 5+1 rule (because who doesn't love free chocolate?) and it's a great way to try something new. Just place your order for five bars, and we'll (gently) throw the sixth in automatically!

Not sure what you want your chocri bar to look like? We have a whole set of pre-fab chocri flavors here if you need suggestions!


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