Top 5 Bar Names of the Week

Author: Carmen | May 14, 2010 | Top-Bar-Names

Happy Friday everyone! Before I get into the top 5 chocolate bar names of the week, let me give you two visual impressions. Forgive my lack of talent as a photographer.

Chocolate Bar with the name Marquis de Seed Chocolate Bar with the name Pink Kisses

Aren't they beautiful?

That's how your bars can look, too! Here some more inspiration on what to name them:

  • SUPER STAR (Milk and White Chocolate with Pistachios and Star Decoration)
    I can't help but think that whoever gives a bar like that as a gift must be a superstar

  • CocoNutty Beast (Milk Chocolate with Pecans and Coconut Shavings) and PeaNutty Beast (Milk Chocolate with Peanuts and Peanut Butter Drops) and Krispy Nutty Beast (Milk Chocolate with Toasted Hazelnuts, Rice Crispies and Bourbon Vanilla)
    Ok, this is not just one name, these are multiple bars. But what a cool idea! The Nutty Beasts are having a party :)

  • NEW JERSEYYYYYYYYY (Milk and White Chocolate with Strawberry, Organic Salt Pretzels and Mini Cookies)
    It comes with a fist pump included!

  • Bye-Bye Bad Breath Cocoa (Dark Chocolate with Organic Mint Leaves, Bourbon Vanilla and Cocoa Nibs)
    I've never conversed with a cocoa bean closely enough to know that they have bad breath... but not once they're part of our bars!

  • Sizzling Bacon Breakfast (Dark Chocolate with Cornflakes, Organic Sesame Seeds, Imitation Bacon, Peanut Butter Drops and Sizzle Rocks)
    Not our first breakfast bar in our Top 5, but our first with Bacon on it! Way to go!

And finally, not a winner in originality but in timeliness: It's graduation time!

  • Congratulations Ryan, Happy Graduation! (White Chocolate with Strawberry Chocolate Drops, Marzipan Rose, Pistachios, Rice Crispies and Raspberry)

Do you have a graduate who earned him or herself a chocolate bar? Make one now or give a gift certificate


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