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Author: Carmen | May 17, 2010 | CustomizationMedia

In the past week or two, a lot of publications have picked up on the (mass) customization trend - and chocri!

chocri in the New York Times
The New York Times for example had an article "Putting Customers in Charge of Design about Blank-Label, the custom dress shirts website we've told you about before. In the text, there's a mention of chocri as another example of websites that, well, put customers in charge of design. The article is a great portray of Blank-Label, and another sign that mass customization is a reality.

chocri in Mashable
Then there was the Mashable Article titled "7 Ways to Customize Your Real Life Online" by Shane Snow. Chocri is mentioned first as an example of customization, and six other exciting websites follow. Not only the article is proof that the trend is getting popular, 414 "Likes" and more than 1200 tweets about the article drive the point home, too.

chocri in VentureBeat
Just before that, VentureBeat reported about chocri, in the article "Create-your-own-chocolate-bar startup Chocri aims for US sweet tooths" by Anthony Ha. It mentions, correctly, that some retailers like Blue Nile have done customization before, but takes chocri as an example of mass customization now spreading into less obvious markets. Although I think chocolate is plenty obvious :))

chocri in ReadWriteWeb
The first ones to report on the trend though was Chris Chameron of ReadWriteWeb, asking "Is America On the Verge of A Co-Creation Invasion?". In the article, Chris writes: "This is an important concept for startups to grasp, both in the U.S. and abroad." Yes! So much has happened in the past year in terms of mass customization in the US, and we're excited to see what happens in the future. Power to the consumer!


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