Happy Graduation!

Author: Carmen | May 18, 2010 | Events

Chocolate for your graduation!

So many of you are graduating! Congratulations! The world lies in front of you, you can be so proud! I'm sure there's many others that are proud of you, so you might want to nudge them to these two bars:

Happy Graduation Chocolate Bars

How about a "sweet treat" for Graduation? You deserved it. These two chocolate bars will reward you for all the sweat and prepare you for what's to come. Of course, the chocolate bars and their names can be changed if you want to buy a graduation bar for someone who's not @lavrusik ;)

By the way - you know someone on Twitter who is graduating and you want to treat them with a bar, but don't know their address? Hit us up - we're happy to play the intermediary. Just find me as @chocridotcom or email me at It can be an anonymous gift, too :)


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