We have perfected customized chocolate bars. We're getting really good at having tastings. Now we just have to figure this picture-taking thing out... Nevertheless, I of course want to share how our tasting this past weekend went!

chocri tasting at the W Hotel in New York

The W Hotel at Times Square was so kind to host us on a (busy) Saturday night. The Living Room Lounge was beautiful. We had our own corner and set up a table not only with delicious chocolate but also with our fresh-off-the-printing-press banner that Build-A-Sign made for us (a separate post on that tomorrow).

chocri founder Michael at the chocolate tasting

While we were setting up, regular guests of the lounge started coming by and checking the chocolate out, and soon a nicely sized crowd both of chocri connoisseurs and newbies was tasting our new recommended creations and meeting Michael. I'm glad everyone got to meet the inventor of design-your-own chocolate bars - as you can see in the picture on the right, he really loves his chocri bars (I know how he feels).

New Recommended Creations at the chocri chocolate tasting

We were able to share some of the new Recommended Creation concepts with you. As you know, we care a lot about Open Innovation, and in that spirit we put a few bars in front of you to get your feedback. "Pure Relaxation" was one of the favorites, "Pure Sex" will get a little more of a spicy kick to it, and the "Beautiful Skin" Chocolate Bar (loaded with toppings that are good for your skin) was a huge success as well. More on that later!

For now, thank you all for coming. We love meeting you in person, and we had a great time hanging out with you and eating chocolate. Thank you also for all your advice on creating the perfect recommended creations! More images can be found in our flickr album. Until next time!

chocri chocolate tasting in New York

UPDATE: The winner of the three chocolate bars from the random drawing was Andy Shaffer. Congrats!


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