Charity DIV Kinder Visits chocri Berlin

Author: Carmen | May 26, 2010 | Charity

I was just expecting to speak to the chocri founders Micha and Franz about some decisions coming up, but what a surprise - DIV Kinder was visiting. As you (hopefully) know, DIV Kinder is the charity organization that we donate 1% of every purchase to, and that many of you choose to donate to in addition at checkout.

create a chocolate bar and give it a name Spontaneous as we are at chocri, a quick Skype conference was held, and I got to meet the friends from DIV Kinder. They talked about how they are waiting on a container full of tools, building material for the orphanage and even an old used Pickup (on the Ivory Coast they can do a lot with a car that they sell in the Western World for 2000 bucks). In that container are also computers. This vision impressed me tremendously: the vision that computers and the education kids can get through it is as valuable as a car to transport material. We joked about sending one of our programmers over to teach the kids how to use the computers (it's funny because the programmer likes to develop a lot more than to talk - geniuses are awesome and we're so happy to have him).

We also talked about how Michael and Franz need to get to the Ivory Coast - something they had planned for January of this year and which was intercepted by the U.S. Launch. The two chocri founders are planning on actively working on the orphanage, and to see with their own eyes what's going on in the Ivory Coast. We made a conscious decision to not give the donations to a big organization (whose brand name would probably help us get publicity), but to give it to an organization where we personally know the people that are doing as much as they possibly can to make their community a better place - a community (the Ivory Coast) we care a lot about. In that light, I'm honored to have met DIV Kinder today, even if only via Skype. Just as we are passionate about making the best chocolate in the world, they are passionate to their cause, and it was wonderful to see that.


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