Here at chocri, we work hard daily to use our chocolate powers for good, not evil.

Of course, not everyone's chocolate intentions are for the better, and most importantly, not all toppings are good toppings. We thought bacon and gold flakes were fairly exotic, but then we read a news story earlier this week about a man flying into JFK from Medellin with a strange souvenir. When customs officials examined the man's things, they noticed that chocolate truffles the man had packed for the one-way trip were "unusually heavy."

That's because the truffles contained a half a million dollars worth of cocaine:

"A news release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection says Robert Lopera was arrested May 11 at New York's JFK Airport for attempting to smuggle 15 pounds of cocaine, some of which was hidden in knock-off Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls, and the rest in pistachio shells."

The man is currently awaiting federal prosecution, and could face "significant jail time" for the incident. And we're happy to report that in addition to being high-quality and often healthy, our toppings are 100% legal.

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