Happy Mother's Day! - To My Mom

Author: Carmen | May 9, 2010 | Festivities

Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. ~Author Unknown
- so here's to my Mom:

I was born when my Mother was just 21. Yes, that was a surprise ;) When she learned that she was pregnant, as shocking as it was, she told my father the "great news" - and they both kept going! They both were students at that time, in an early semester (school is a little longer in Germany), and they engineered their life around, well - me. My Mom took an exam right after I was born, and my parents would rush back home after school so the other one could go back to university. Despite coming from a farm and both my parents not having a lot of money, my Mother never followed the typical advice - ditch the studies and stay by the crib of your kid. The opposite happened- having a child made her more determined to provide for it, and she graduated as one of the best in her year. By the time I went to school, we moved because she had found a job in a tech company. A manager who is now the COO of that now huge tech company soon saw that she was intelligent and hard-working, and decided to put her on a cool project because her graduation paper had been about this new invention "the CD-ROM". She is now a representative of all the Executives of that company, but what is much more important to her is that she found many friends at work throughout the years.

I am very proud of my Mom, and she sets an excellent example for a German proverb that suggest you take the stones that life puts in your path to build steps from it. She had a child at a time of her life when most people said it will mean the end of the career, and instead rejoiced about it and used it as a motivation for her career. I'm sure that without her example, I would be in a very different place today. Danke, Mama.

Come to think of it, I also want to give a little shout out to two other Moms in the chocri universe: The Mother of Franz supports chocri immensely with accounting help, and although I never had the pleasure to meet Micha's Mom, I know she's a huge chocri supporter thanks to Facebook - you've probably seen her comments on our wall before. Thanks Founders' Moms!

What do you thank your Mom for today?

p.s. Vote here for your favorite Mother's Day chocri - made by kids for their Moms! Voting ends at Midnight tonight!

p.s. II It's not too late to buy your Mom a gift certificate so she can design her own chocolate bars. ;)

Mother's Day with chocri


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