chocri Germany: We Moved!

Author: Carmen | June 1, 2010 | About-chocri

Today I share with you a little (big!) update from Germany: We completed our move to a bigger, better location. Chocri has always been very popular, but growth in the last year or so (fueled by our expansion to the US) put our production capacity (and office staff) under so much stress that a move was in order: a bigger chocri!

chocri moved

Not only is our chocolate factory (factory sounds like we have many machines there, which we don't, but you know what I mean) much bigger now (and with that faster), but also the office space which enabled chocri Germany to welcome three new members to the team: Claudi (our new assistant to the CEOs), Björn (our new developer) and Katja (our new representation to the press and media in Germany).

I personally haven't seen it in real life, but will do so this summer, and I'll report what it looks like once chocri has unpacked all the boxes :)


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