Happy German Chocolate Cake Day!

Author: Kim | June 10, 2010 | Special-Offers

german chocolate cake bar

We've highlighted a few toppings on their national "day" (like National Cashew Day in April) on the chocri blog, and we've also done a special bar commemorating Earth Day. Today, we're marking German Chocolate Cake Day (June 11th) with a specially priced German Chocolate Cake Bar.

Like chocri bars, German Chocolate Cake is decadently delicious. Unlike chocri, however, German Chocolate Cake isn't actually German. The name comes from a popular baking chocolate used when the recipe was first submitted to a Texas newspaper by a homemaker in the late fifties. The name stuck, and German Chocolate Cake is a common dessert menu fixture nowadays. And why not? It has lots of rich chocolate, caramel, and coconut.

Our version of German Chocolate Cake is a bit more portable than the classic kind. We've taken our Dark Chocolate base, and added caramel drops, coconut shavings and chocolate coated rice crispies. While German Chocolate Cake is always a tasty treat, it's not as easily consumed on the subway, in your car or at your desk at work, so we thought this would be a nice alternative to a big honking slice of cake.

You can find the chocri's German Chocolate Cake Bar on our chocri Creations page. And through tomorrow night, it's priced at a sweet $9.90. If you're a big German Chocolate Cake fan, you might want to stock up- if you purchase five bars, we always throw in a sixth surprise bar so you can sample our other chocri creations.


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