Summer's here! And while beaches and barbecues and sunshine are all great things, we've probably all experienced the decidedly less fun summery situation of a melted chocolate bar. Melted chocolate is much less fun than the unmelted kind! (Unless you're making chocolate fondue, but this is not a post about fondue.)

Everyone wants to know what measures we take to ensure your custom chocri creations get to you as a solid and not a liquid. We take the integrity of our chocri bars very seriously, so the first thing you should know is that your order will ship with cold packs. What's a cold pack, you ask?

chocri cold packs

They're these nifty shipping helpers we have that ensure you receive chocolate bars in the mail, and not chocolate sauce. Since we get the same questions about cold packs pretty often, we thought we'd round them up in a post so you know how they work and what they do:

  • Cold packs are made out of flexible gel in thick plastic. They're made for shipping so they won't break or leak in your package!

  • Although our cold packs are efficient, try to bring your chocolate in to a nice, cool place as soon as possible. It doesn't like the sun like we do!

  • Bonus: Cold packs are reusable- stick them in the freezer and hang on to them for your next camping trip!

When you've received your chocolate and unwrapped your package and sent us cell phone pics for Flickr, you might not feel like eating it right away. But as temperatures climb and the really hot days start, we have some tips to keep your chocolate in good condition at home, too:

  • Chocolate can kind of be a diva. It will melt in the sun, but it doesn't do too well in the fridge either. Humidity causes cocoa butter and cocoa to separate.

  • If your house is hot, you can freeze your chocri to ensure it doesn't melt.

  • Freezing isn't necessary, though. Chocolate melts at body temperature, so any room without direct sun and AC or some ventilation should be fine for chocri storage. Usually a cupboard or cabinet will be cool enough!

Although that covers most questions about chocri storage, let us know in the comments if you have any questions!


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