Topping of the Month June: Roasted Cashews

Author: Carmen | June 17, 2010 | Toppings

This month only, we present you: Roasted Cashews for your custom chocolate bars

Roasted Cashews on your chocolate bar

This tasty nut is well known from the nut stands in big cities, and snuggles up the Roasted Almonds and Roasted Peanuts we already have in our assortment. Nevertheless, we tested and tried these Honey Roasted Cashnuts of course, and within just a day or so in the office, all of our samples had evaporated. Thus, we think they deserve their place as "Topping of the Month", and don't worry - this time we ordered enough for all of us - and you too!

But they'll be here only for a month - so try them out, and if you like them like we do, they might make it into our permanent assortment!


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