Top 5 Bar Names of the Week

Author: Kim | June 18, 2010 | Top-Bar-Names

It's Friday again, everyone- the weekend's almost here, and with it comes (as always) our top 5 bar names this week.

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  • Dark Chocolate Wonder (Dark Chocolate with Toffee and Peanut Butter Drops)

  • Comfortable Morning (Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon, Silver Pearls and Bourbon Vanilla) Breakfast at this person's house is probably served with awesomesauce.

  • HoneyPea Bar (Milk Chocolate with Peanuts and Honey Chocolate Drops) Aw, sweet... and crunchy!

  • Popeye's chocolate (Dark Chocolate with Wasabi Peanuts, Fleur de Sel, Toffee and Soy Bacon) Adventurous, but thankfully spinach-free.

  • Gummy Bear Birthday (White Chocolate with Gummy Bears, Cappuccino Chocolate Drops and Roasted Peanuts) I often feel Gummi Bears and coffee don't connect enough in a culinary space. I for one am thrilled someone is finally taking steps to correct this.

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