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2009 was a rough year economically, but analysts think fiscal woes helped drive up sales of dark chocolate in the latter part of the year.

You might be familiar with what's known as "the lipstick factor"- sales of small luxuries go up when disposable income is scarce. Apparently, last year, consumers were sweet on dark chocolate as their go-to pampering choice:

"Economists call it the "lipstick factor," referring to the historical rise in lipstick sales during tough economic times as women look for an affordable way to cheer themselves up. In the candy industry's case, during the recession people sought chocolate as an affordable indulgence to feel better.

"There is no [vacation], but people stay at home and find small moments of joy."

While candy sales were up 3.6%, that figure increased to 9% for sales of dark chocolate- up from a 2.2% decline in the first two months of 2009. I suppose we've been influenced by the boost in dark chocolate love this past year, too- ten of our 24 chocri recommended creations are made with a dark chocolate base!

Did you eat more dark chocolate this past year than you on average? Do you reach more for dark chocolate when you need a bit of luxury than milk or white chocolate?


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