The Day chocri Went Viral

Author: Kim | June 22, 2010 | Media

Okay, we didn't exactly go viral like the grapestomping lady or that other thing (just click), but a few tech blogs reviewed chocri yesterday and we wanted to share some links.

chocri techcrunch

First up was TechCrunch/ Crunch Gear, where Scott Merrill posted about our site, saying:

"Chocri has you covered with You want white chocolate with banana chips and blueberries? Sure! Or how about dark chocolate with peanut butter chips topped with marzipan carrots? You got it!"

As always, the comments were illuminating, too:

"Be damned, be damned for allowing me to be aware of this website. DAMN YOU."

"**. There goes my day.

We LOLed. CNET also featured us on their Crave Blog!

chocri CNET

Jeff tried three of our bars, and had this to say:

"A thin layer of milk chocolate enrobed one side of the otherwise white chocolate bar, which I liked, and the vanilla didn't overpower it at all. I added the star decorations because once as a kid, I got in trouble for eating them out of the bottle.

I was pleased that the bars were as tasty as I'd hoped. Chocri also gave me three other sample bars with various toppings for comparison, and while I wouldn't have thought so, dried apple bits on chocolate is actually pretty good.

The site has clean, intuitive controls and keeps a tally of your selections. To remove an ingredient, click on it. Bam. No hassle. As with other customization sites I've checked out, the experience is pretty painless. Sure, I was impatient to get my chocolate, but remember, it's coming from Germany. Plus I have instant-gratification issues. Microwave popcorn takes too long to cook for me."

We also found a link from last week on NBC Connecticut, where Rachel Raczka checks out our site:

chocri NBC

From NBC:

"Our pick is Goji berries, Noghi almonds and Bourbon vanilla, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Marzipan carrots and a dried flower mix for the green thumb in your life? They've got 'em. Bacon and black sesame? You betcha. Heck, they even have chives and mini sugar banana sprinkles if you're feeling brave enough (and while we don't recommend the two together, we promise, we won't judge.)"

Pretty cool, huh? Oh yeah, PS- rickrolled!


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