Fathers' Day Contest Voting Concludes

Author: Kim | June 23, 2010 | Contests

The votes are tallied and the results are in- we have a winner for our Fathers' Day contest.

We asked you to tell us why your dad is the best dad in the world and created a special Fathers' Day gift box with two limited edition Fathers' Day chocri bars:

chocri dads

The entries were really sweet. Our finalists were Jenn, who told us about her husband- he still manages to have story time with his little girl even when he's deployed. And Jessica told us about her dad, who made time to play with his kids even after a painful back injury.

The entry that got the most votes, however, came from Beth, who told us all about her Papau:

"I am actually going a bit non-traditional here. My father wasn't present for a lot of my life, but there has always been one man that I could count on no matter what. My papau (grandfather on my mother's side) took me fishing, let me work out in his woodshop with him, and has always been with me. Because of him I have always known that whatever my dad might have done, there are wonderful men out in the world. His health has been declining lately, but he still manages to find the energy to smile and give me a hug whenever I visit."

Beth kindly followed up with us after we'd posted her entry- sadly, her Papau has passed away, and we sent our condolences- it sounds like he was an amazing man:

"Thank you guys for picking my story for the finals! Since I entered the contest, my papau has passed away (on June 13th), so it is especially poignant to see this here.'

We'd like to thank all our entrants for sharing their stories for Fathers' Day. It was really nice to read about all the wonderful dads out there.


  1. June 24, 2010 | Beth said:
    Thank you guys so much! Your kindness and well wishes have meant a lot to me and to my family.

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