I bet a lot of you have had good luck charms. Something you carry around with you (or leave at home if it's super lucky and you don't want to lose it) or maybe even a ritual you perform in hopes of enhancing luck or relationships.

Lots of people burn candles to influence Lady Luck as well. Candles are wonderful for their pretty fragrances and ambiance enhancing attributes, but they don't taste very good. That's not the case for two of our newest chocri Creations, the "Instant Wealth" and "Friendship Forever" bars.

chocri Instant WealthDark chocolate is inherently linked with luxury for most chocophiles, and what could be a better symbol for riches on chocolate than real gold flakes? With that in mind, we've created the "Instant Wealth" bar- Dark Chocolate with tart, tasty raspberries and real gold flakes. Red is a color often associated with power and luck, and this bar is as pretty as it is delicious, with its red and gold flecks. We didn't gild the lily, though, these two popular toppings take center stage!

chocri Friendship ForeverFriendship is another area where gifts and trinkets play an important role for people. (Remember how moving it was the first time you got half of a BFF necklace?) But as tastes mature and jewelry becomes more career oriented, you can show your friends some love with our new 'Friendship Forever' bar. Kind of like a "friends forever' trinket, except instead of being made out of metal that turns your wrist green, it comes in Belgian Milk Chocolate with apple bits and roasted almonds. The heart shape is still there, though instead of wearing it, you or your BFF can eat it- it's made of marzipan. We recommend kicking it old school and splitting it down the middle with your besties.

Let us know in the comments- do you have a good luck charm?


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