Last week, we unveiled two new additions to our chocri creations. The "Instant Wealth" and "Friendship Forever" bars were added to our chocri creations page as our first designed bars with multi-tasking in mind. While all our bars offer the experience of tasty, high-quality chocolate with custom toppings, our new bars were created to offer additional benefits, too.

chocri happiness relaxation

First up is the "Pure Happiness" bar, which features our rich, dark chocolate and cocoa nibs, a double dose of chocolate that's known to increase serotonin levels, a natural defense against depression:

""It's Mother Nature's solution via food cravings to try to elevate those chemicals, help us feel better and to function more efficiently," said Deborah Waterhouse, author of "Why Women Need Chocolate.""

We top off the "Pure Happiness" bar with Hazelnut Brittle and sweet, soothing toffee to create a truly bliss-inducing bar. The second bar we added this week is "Pure Relaxation," another comforting creation with a focus on reducing stress levels and creating calm. Kicking off with our creamy milk chocolate base, the "Pure Relaxation" bar has two calming ingredients to enhance your chocolate chill out. Chamomile is well known as a relaxing ingredient, often consumed in teas for its soothing properties.

The "Pure Relaxation" bar has an added ingredient in its arsenal of calm, though. Bright and tasty goji berries are also in the mix, supplying an amino acid called tryptophan that's known to be soothing. Tryptophan is heavily associated with sleepiness after Thanksgiving dinner, because it is present in turkey and consumed in large quantities on that day. Our "Pure Relaxation" bar also has mini-cookies, for added crunch and comfort food cult status.

A chocri creation is one way to bliss out or chill out? What do you do when you need a happiness boost or a little moment of peace?


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