July 4th and the ensuing holiday weekend are almost upon us!

Bringing our create-your-own-chocolate concept to the USA has been so much fun. We've shipped bars to every state (including Alaska and Hawaii!) since we brought our customized chocolate to the US back in January, and we've found so many new friends and fans on Facebook and Twitter.

So for our first Independence Day stateside, we've created two limited edition chocri bars at a sweet price for all our American chocri fans. First we have the Sea to Shining Sea bar- Milk and White chocolate with raspberries, candied lilac and rice crispies. Our second July 4th option is the July 4th Nighttime Fireworks, which has a Dark Chocolate base with blueberries, goji berries and tasty noghl almonds.

Both bars are priced at $10, so stock up on these sweet, colorful chocri creations before they leave the shop!

chocri special bars


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