Top 5 Bar Names!

Author: Kim | June 4, 2010 | Top-Bar-Names

And... it's June! And Friday! So, we have our first top five of the summer- it looks like everyone's in a summery mood this week. :)

Onto the top five...

  • Dona's Dainty Dark (Dark Chocolate with Candied Rose Petals, Candied Lilac and Cocoa Nibs) I have to hand it to Dona- that's one dainty bar...

  • MAZEL TOV LAWYERS!! (Milk Chocolate with Banana Chips, Mini Flower Decoration and Peanut Butter Drops) Mmm... celebratory chocolate!

  • Midnight at the Oasis (Dark Chocolate with Orange Pepper, Toffee, Bourbon Vanilla and Orange) The tasty, tasty 70s...

  • Sir Lloyd's Yum Bar (Dark Chocolate with Toffee and Mini Cookies)

  • Chimpanzee Dessert (Dark Chocolate with Lemon Chocolate Drops, Fleur de Sel, Rice Crispies, Toffee and Bourbon Vanilla) Honestly, I was expecting bananas.

Feeling inspired? You can explore the many possible chocri combinations here if you want to try your hand with a chocri creation for next week's top 5.


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