chocolate cuts cholesterol

In the past, we've posted about some studies in the news reporting health benefits related to regular chocolate consumption. Chocolate has been shown in studies to be beneficial for your liver. There are indications that it can help protect skin from UV damage and improve concentration on vital tasks. Oh- it's also been linked to lower rates of stroke and heart disease. Yay, chocolate!

The latest study centering around the myriad health benefits of regular chocolate consumption has to do with cardiovascular disease. Researchers concluded that "supplementation of cocoa products affects lipid profiles in subjects with cardiovascular-related diseases as well as healthy individuals." As serious chocolate fiends, we'd like to interpret the study's conclusion to be "eat more chocolate"- unfortunately, though that was kind of the gist, it's a bit more complex:

The results suggested that short-term of cocoa consumption reduced blood cholesterol, and this effect was more evident in studies with low dose cocoa supplementation and in subjects with cardiovascular risks,” said the team.

They maintain though that eating moderate amounts of chocolate could be a worthwhile dietary approach for preventing high cholesterol in certain people, but that more research is needed to determine the efficiency of eating moderate amounts of cocoa on lipid profile in long-term intervention and in subjects with other cardio metabolic risk factors.

Interestingly, another article about the study cites Milk Chocolate as a health booster, and we wondered if the results would be more pronounced with notorious antioxidant powerhouse Dark Chocolate. Either way, researchers say that further studies need to be undertaken to fully understand the effects of chocolate on cardiovascular disease.

And to that, we only have one thing to say. Where do we sign up?


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