Fathers’ Day is coming up on June 20th! Nominate your dad to win a prize package of two chocri bars in a gift box.

How can you participate
- Nominate your Dad via our Facebook wall
- Email me at to nominate your dad to win the Fathers’ Day gift pack
- Or just enter in the comments below

This time, we'd like you to answer one simple question: "Why is your Dad the best Dad in the World?" We'd love to hear about what makes your Father so special and why he deserves his very own chocolate. A week from tomorrow, we're going to select three finalists so everyone can vote on their favorite dad! Good Luck!

Father's Day Chocolate Bars

p.s. The gift box contains the Happy Fathers' Day bar- Milk Chocolate with Banana Chips, Hazelnut Brittle, Bourbon Vanilla and a marzipan "Thank You," and the Super Dad bar- Dark Chocolate with Organic Salt Pretzels, Ground Chili and Sunflower Seeds. Yum!


  1. June 8, 2010 | Michael said:
    Alas, my father is profoundly diabetic and can't enjoy your treats ... yet another reason for me to stay healthy because this is simply the best chocolate I have ever had.

  2. June 8, 2010 | Jenn@FFP said:
    My husband is the best dad in the world because he put on a happy face, played and laughed with the kids during the most painful days after his back injury and subsequent surgery. He was unable to work for over a year because of the pain but the kids would have never known from seeing the way their dad played and laughed with them daily!

    This is why my husband deserves such a sweet treat for being a fantastic father and role model.

  3. June 9, 2010 | johanna said:
    My dad IS the best dad in the world because he was always there for my brother and I even though he has a demanding job as a Boston Police Det, he would always make it to our games and call us if he couldnt and just talk about the day..LOVE YOU DAD

  4. June 10, 2010 | Beth said:
    I am actually going a bit non-traditional here. My father wasn't present for a lot of my life, but there has always been one man that I could count on no matter what. My papau (grandfather on my mother's side) took me fishing, let me work out in his woodshop with him, and has always been with me. Because of him I have always known that whatever my dad might have done, there are wonderful men out in the world. His health has been declining lately, but he still manages to find the energy to smile and give me a hug whenever I visit.

  5. June 12, 2010 | Jessica Swierzynski said:
    My husband is the best dad in the world to our almost two year old daughter. He laughs with her, plays with her, reads to her and does anything to make her happy. Right now he is deployed with the US Army for the next year and even still, when he calls he still makes our daughter smile and laugh on the phone. Daddy is her world, and she is his. He recorded himself on a DVD reading a book to her just so she can see him and still share story time from half way around the world. He really is the greatest daddy ever.

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