Moms-to-be are often characterized as having strong cravings, and among the most commonly craved pregnancy snacks seems to be chocolate. While a lot of stress is placed on eating healthily while pregnant, you can indulge a desire for chocolate with impunity while you're expecting, as researchers have found regular consumption of chocolate can contribute to a healthier pregnancy.

chocolate and pregnancyResearchers at Yale studied more than 2,500 women about their eating habits during pregnancy, and findings about regular consumption of chocolate were interesting. It seems that consuming chocolate more than three times a week correlated with a reduced rate of pre-eclampsia- significantly so:

"In a report on their findings researchers said: 'Women who reported regular chocolate consumption of more than three servings a week had a 50 per cent or greater reduced risk of pre-eclampsia.

'Regular chocolate intake during the first or third trimester was equally protective."

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