Remember last month when we discussed using chocolate for good, not evil?

chocolate bombChocolate is such an enticing thing, and it seems some criminals rely on the lure of chocolate to trick the unsuspecting. If someone left you a box of chocolates, would you open it or be wary? A Houston woman got a terrible surprise last week when a box of chocolates delivered to her house concealed a very unpleasant surprise- the package was a bomb:

'Investigators say she was opening the package when it exploded, shooting nails and tacks into her face and hands. Neighbors say the only clue the package was a fake was the victim's name was spelled wrong, something investigators say is enough to at least be leery... Neighbors who had seen the package say it was disguised to look like a box of chocolates. It was left inside a gift bag with a card attached saying "Thank You."'

Luckily, the woman- who remains unidentified- survived, although with some injuries. She is reported to be in stable condition after surgery this weekend. Hopefully her recovery will be swift, and the incident won't put her off chocolate for good.


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