While scanning chocolate news, discovering this story was a bit of a "wait, what?" moment, Whenever we see a story about the many health benefits of regular consumption of high quality chocolate, we generally post about it. This one was a bit different though- a company has invented a pill you can take so you can have reap all the health rewards of chocolate without that pesky, addictive and delicious chocolate taste.

chocolate pillsSo we know chocolate can positively impact pregnancy health, reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, improve concentration, boost liver function and help foster a glowy, fabulous complexion. However, one of the greatest things about chocolate's many health boons is that you get to eat chocolate in order to access them. Not entirely anymore, it seems. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

"Finally, all the health benefits of chocolate without that unpleasant chocolate taste... Spanish maker Pancracio claims it provides protection from free radicals, the reactive oxygen molecules thought to have a link to cancer.

"The 90 per cent cocoa pills also promise better blood circulation and slower cell ageing, according to global market research firm Datamonitor."

Hmmm... I don't know about you, but I'd much prefer my daily chocolate intake to come from- you know- chocolate. If you're looking to incorporate chocolate for health reasons, check out our chocri creations. Our new "Beautiful Skin" bar was created with skin benefits in mind, and our "Pure Relaxation" bar has natural calming ingredients. Also, they taste much better* than chocolate in pill form.


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