Top 5 Bar Names!

Author: Kim | July 2, 2010 | Top-Bar-Names

top 5 chocri bars So, another holiday weekend is upon us and it's time for our weekly top 5 bar names.

We had another busy week here, and there were a ton of really creative bars, as always. (One of the coolest things about custom chocolate creations is that each week we discover new, uncharted chocri creations we'd have never thought of without your inspiration. Here's this week's list:

  • Pistachio Mustacheo (Milk Chocolate with Pistachios and Raspberry) So simple, so tasty-sounding.

  • Nuts and Jolts (Milk and White Chocolate with Coffee, Macadamia Nuts, Bourbon Vanilla, Cocoa Nibs and Roasted Cashews) I'd like to think this went to a mechanic.

  • ChocoMonkieee Baby (Milk and White Chocolate with Hazelnut Brittle, Mini Bananas and Bourbon Vanilla) Anyone notice the preponderance of monkey-related names?

  • [Name]'s Specialty PMS Bar (Milk Chocolate with Blueberries, Sour Cherries, Cornflakes and Toasted Hazelnuts) Beats the heck out of a hot water bottle.

  • Slice of Paradise (White Chocolate with Real Gold Flakes, Macadamia Nuts, Coconut Shavings and Pineapples) Slice? I'll take the whole bar, thank you.

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