How to Make Chocolate

Author: Kim | July 21, 2010 | Chocolate

Like many start-ups, chocri began with an interesting situation and solution that eventually begat a company. If you have ever struggled to find a gift that's really personalized, you what it's like to fret about finding something just right to fit the occasion. A gift card might not do, and there's nothing in the shop that fits the function you're seeking. It's frustrating. Despair sets in. Where can you find the perfect gift?

how to make chocolateBack in 2008, there wasn't a website where you could create a custom chocolate bar to present to your nearest and dearest for a birthday, anniversary or holiday. (So sad!) One of our founders, Franz, was looking for a really special gift for his girlfriend's birthday, and after fruitless (chocless?) searching, he came up with the idea of customizing a chocolate bar for her present.

He crafted a white chocolate bar with gummi bears, fruit and nuts, and clearly, the effort paid off. Not only was his girlfriend really happy with her first-ever chocri creation, but the concept eventually turned into a company that allows everyone to find their perfect chocolate match.

As you know, we have a gigantic selection of millions of chocri creation options that allow you to customize your chocolate to your exact specifications. If you don't dig on nuts, leave them off. If you want a bar with fruit and candy, we've got 'em. Bacon bits? Also a possibility. But perhaps, like Franz, you'd like to experiment with chocolate a bit in the kitchen.

If your inner chocolatier is feeling creative, here are some tips for getting the best possible results when figuring out how to make chocolate at home:

  • Chocolate hates direct heat Yes, a double boiler means more dishes to do, but you should always use a microwave or bain marie to melt chocolate. Otherwise the texture becomes gritty.

  • Stir, baby, stir Chocolate is fussy. It needs constant attention or it can heat unevenly and scorch!

  • Like gremlins, never get chocolate wet It can seize and settle into a lumpy mess. Dislike!

  • Slow and steady is the best way to handle chocolate- in addition to stirring, using low heat settings ensures your chocolate will turn out smooth and heat evenly.

You can probably tell good chocolate is a bit of a passion for us. If you ever have a chocolate related question, we encourage you to hit us up on Twitter* and we'll tackle the most common chocolate questions on our blog. So ask away! What have you always wanted to know about chocolate but were afraid to ask?


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