does chocolate cause acneAt chocri, we get a large assortment of chocolate-related questions. And we happen to love getting them because we really love talking about chocolate. So yesterday, we asked our Twitter friends to ask us anything about chocolate, because we figured we'd hear some interesting questions.

Luckily for me, the first one we got was one I've been itching to debunk. Back when I began working with chocri, Carmen mentioned on the blog that my background is in skincare. And for this question, I get to put my esthetician's hat back on for a minute, because @visudreams asked us:

@chocridotcom Is chocolate really bad for skin, and worsens acne? Some say myth, some say it's true. Awesome business concept btw ;]

Thank you, BTW! :) Back when I worked in spas, I'd get this question all the time. And as a chocolate lover, it made me so sad to see my beloved clients depriving themselves of chocolate unnecessarily. (In fact, we used chocolate topically in several treatments to no ill effect.) Clients would constantly tell me chocolate made them break out so they abstained, or worse, they'd turn down delicious, complimentary dark chocolate while they waited for their appointments. "This tenuous acne/chocolate connection needs to stop!" I would say between mouthfuls of tasty, abstained-from chocolate.

The short answer is NO! Chocolate will not cause you to break out, no matter what your mama told you. (Our theory: the rumor started to keep sugar-craving teens out of the chocolate stash.) As Carmen tweeted yesterday, chocolate is known to be beneficial to skin- eating it regularly can keep skin healthy! A very small number of people could experience a reaction that manifests topically due to sensitivity or allergy to chocolate- but allergies and sensitivities to all types of foods are common. If you're not allergic to chocolate, there's no indication that chocolate causes or worsens acne or breakouts.

So @visudreams and other skincare enthusiasts, don't let a quest for glowing skin keep you from your favorite chocolate treats. In fact, we've got a chocri creation on our chocri creations page that's formulated specifically for beautiful skin.

Also, we're always looking for chocolate-related questions for our "ask chocri" pages- what have you always wanted to know about chocolate? Tweet us at @chocridotcom, or comment on the blog or our Facebook page. We'd be happy to answer!


  1. July 24, 2010 | Jared said:
    I heard that chocolate can break out your skin, but I always thought that was just my mom saying that... I've actually read since then that dark chocolate is loaded with anti-oxidants. Can't wait to let my mom know she was wrong!

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