Topping of the Month: Lavender!

Author: Kim | July 6, 2010 | Toppings

At chocri, we have lots of toppings that taste really good. In fact, we'd be inclined to say they're all selected for superior taste and quality, but every month, we introduce you to a novel, unusual topping, which (while stocks last) you can use for your chocri creation. For this month's topping, deliciousness isn't its only draw.

chocri lavender

Lavender... It's described often as having a "floral, citrusy" taste, and it adds a lovely color to chocri creations for personal consumption or as a gift. But aside from its bright flavor and pretty hue, lavender has been used for centuries medicinally and is heavily associated with relaxation and stress relief.

So whether you're seeking a unique culinary experience or just want some calming effects with your chocri, you can find lavender in our Grains category.

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