chocri newsIf you're reading this post, you might already be a dedicated chocri fan. Maybe you came here from Google, or maybe you were creating your very own bespoke chocri bar and wanted to read some more about our latest toppings, sales and specials or breaking news in chocolate.

Our blog is one way you can chill with chocri on the web. But you can reach out to us in other ways on a few social networks to find out what's going on here, review your custom chocri creation, or share pictures.

For the photographically inclined, you can hook up with us on Flickr. Share your work with us, or upload your pics to one of chocri's pools so we can see you with your bars!

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If videos are your thing, you can watch chocri-related content on our YouTube channel. Feel free to send us chocri unboxing clips or video reviews, because we're always looking for new videos to add.

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