There were a flurry of depression and chocolate related stories earlier this year, mainly correlating depression and chocolate consumption. We at chocri found the slant of most of the pieces to be a bit surprising, because we've always read that natural compounds in chocolate are the kind that can help alleviate depression.

chocolate and depressionWhile chocolate has long been known to have positive chemical effects on the body, it's not like you can replace Prozac with chocolate just yet. explains how chocolate can affect mood:

"Certain alkaloids have been isolated in chocolate that may raise brain serotonin levels. Scientists now speculate that "chocoholism" may actually have a real biological basis with a serotonin deficiency being one factor. Another mechanism that has been proposed for why chocolate has such a powerful influence on mood is that chocolate has 'drug-like' constituents including anandamines, caffeine, and phenylethylamine."

So there you have it- chocolate isn't a drug (although that seems difficult to believe when you're jonesing for it) but it can have some pretty interesting effects on mood and happiness. Looking for a mood-altering bar? Check out our Pure Relaxation chocri creation!


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