Edible gold flakes make a gorgeous addition to any chocri creation, but chocri fans are often a bit stymied by their inclusion. They're so pretty and shiny- but can you really eat them?

are edible gold flakes safeFortunately for our aesthetically-minded friends, chocolate on chocri bars is perfectly safe to consume. Humans have been including this precious substance in special occasion treats for centuries, according to an online FAQ:

"In antiquity, gold and silver were used to prepare medicines and both were considered a digestive. They are still considered medicinal in Chinese and Indian medicine and in certain homeopathic applications."

You should also know that the flakes are indigestible, a common trait for certain every day foods, such as corn. While a constant diet of gold might get kind of pricey, gold flakes on chocolate are safe and incredibly fancy to behold. Are you looking to add a touch of gold to a special occasion? Take a look at our page on chocri wedding favors!


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