If you read our blog or follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you know we've been picking your brains for questions about chocolate or chocri in general to answer on our blog. We've tackled chocolate and gold flakes. We've addressed whether chocolate is an aphrodisiac. We told you whether white chocolate was actually chocolate or something else. (Well, is it? You should click!) We've explored whether chocolate helps you pay attention to things other than the delicious, custom Belgian chocolate creation sitting before you. What were we talking about?

Oh, questions. So we want to know what you want to know. And we recently got a very interesting question from our friend @saleemkhan on Twitter, who wanted to know:   

”What specifically do you mean when you say "Our chocolate is organic and is produced fairly and healthfully." Details?”

When we say our chocolate is organic, that refers to not only the cocoa used in our product, but the other ingredients as well. The milk, the sugar, and the flavorings used in our chocri chocolate is organic. While not all our toppings are organic, there are several that are, and these are marked in our Toppings section. So browse! Invent your perfect all organic bar. (Or add potato stix and sugar stars, we won't tell.)

As for “produced fairly,” this refers to our chocolate being fair trade. Much of the world's chocolate is produced in third world countries where unethical conditions and child labor proliferate. We feel that we couldn't in good conscience produce chocolate without knowing its origins, so all the chocolate we use is certified fair trade. Want to know more about chocri's use of fair trade chocolate and our relationship with DIV Kinder, to whom we've donated just over $43,000? We wrote a blog post about it a while back, and it goes into a bit more detail.

Of course, the benefits of organic and fair trade chocolate go beyond the “good neighbor” aspect. Luckily for the ethically inclined, chocolate produced this way tends to offer a more nuanced taste profile. Don't take our word for it- Corinne DeBra, the woman who ate 13,000 chocolate bars, was kind enough to stack chocri up against her impressive stash and in our conversation- she had this to say about the taste of fair trade and organics:

"Fair trade and organic is more difficult. There is a correlation to a certain type of taste, sometimes related to texture, but it's unpredictable. Often fair trade and organic chocolate are more artisanal, and that affects the texture."

So there you have it- you can read a little more about chocri and fair trade chocolate here.

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