New Bar Alert! Extreme Concentration

Author: Kim | August 19, 2010 | ChocolateInformation

Last week, we contributed two bars to the back to school shopping lists of chocri fans everywhere. This week we're following on with another new bar, one that's especially well-suited to tuck into the bags of a new or returning college student. New today in our recommended chocolate bars is the Extreme Concentration chocri!

Everyone's familiar with the concept of the college all-nighter. And while coffee is often linked to staying up and staying focused, we've got an alternative for people who prefer their perkiness from creamy, tasty chocolate. The Extreme Concentration chocri has a bold dark chocolate base, in and of itself enough to snap you back to the here and now. We've added ground coffee beans for obvious reasons, black sesame seeds for alertness and focus, organic cane sugar for a blast of energy, and omega-3 rich walnuts for an additional brain boost. Tasty and clever.

Send your favorite college kid five bars, and as always, we include a sixth bar on us. And let us know in the comments- what do you reach for when you need an energy infusion?

Extreme Concentration coffee chocolate


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