This Week's Top 5 Bars

Author: Kim | August 27, 2010 | Top-Bar-Names

August... over, almost. Labor day approaches, and school's already back in session in several parts of the US. (Not up here in New York, though!) And in keeping with tradition, here's this week's top five bar names. Which is your favorite?

top 5 chocri bars
  • Edhoclate (Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Brittle, Strawberry Chocolate Drops, Cappuccino Chocolate Drops, Rice Crispies in Chocolate Coating and Toffee)

  • I Was There... (Dark Chocolate with Real Gold Flakes) Excuse to link to Johnny Cash!

  • Blueberry Nutgasm (Dark Chocolate with Blueberries, Fleur de Sel and Macadamia Nuts) I'll have what she's having.

  • pretzel Porknut supreme (Milk Chocolate with Cashews, Organic Salt Pretzels and Soy Bacon) Officially the manliest bar we've made yet.

  • there might be dragons (Strawberry Chocolate with Blueberries, Fleur de Sel and Cocoa Nibs) I've seen them in concert thirty times!

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