egoo journal on customizaiton and personalization

Today, launches, the first and only magazine in the US about customized and personalized products. Egoo is an established magazine about the same topic in Germany, since late 2008. That egoo is now coming to the US is exciting, because it marks the rise of mass customization in the US as we only knew it in Germany prior to this. One point of comparison is the egoo journal Shop Directory, listing all the websites that allow you to design your own products. In Germany, that list encompasses 174 selected online shops - in the US we're only at about 60 e-commerce sites that give you a chance to customize and personalize.

60 websites with customization however is still a proud number - especially if we look to other countries which have at most a handful of such websites (like the UK). This fact prompted the founder of, the German and first version of the online magazine, to take his magazine to the United States. Starting today, will report on what is going on in the world of customization - whether it's new innovation, new websites, or just interesting news about the companies and offerings in the space - you will hear about it there.

Full disclaimer: I will be writing some of the articles for egoo-journal. I consider myself fairly involved in the mass customization world in the US, and am excited about sharing my findings with you in an online magazine format!


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