If you're a fan of the tasty amalgam of high-energy sweet and nutrient-rich nutty and fruitiness that is trail mix, you might want to check out our National Trail Mix Day Chocolate Bar in the Recommended Creations section.

national trail mix dayWe introduced the bar last week, (and we told you a little bit about the origins of chocri.) Here at chocri, we had our own ideas about what kind of spin to put on a trail mix bar- walnuts, raisins and chocolate? Macadamias, pistachios, figs and chocolate? We couldn't really decide, so we turned the question out to you all on Facebook, and crafted what we think is a pretty fantastic version of trail mix.

As we pointed out earlier, while this bar embodies all the wonderful variety and healthy crunch of trail mix, we also it all together in a neat chocolatey package. And let's face it- isn't the best part about trail mix picking out all the chocolate, anyway? The National Trail Mix Day Bar is a limited edition recommended creation- and as always, if you order five, we always include a surprise bar, on us.


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