Topping of the Month: Seasoned Potato Stix

Author: Carmen | August 4, 2010 | Toppings

Yes, yes, you read correctly. August's topping of the month is potato stix!

Potato Stix on customized chocolate

Since today in the Grains section, you can now customize your chocolate bars with Seasoned Potato Stix. They are seasoned with a paprika (bell pepper) spice mix, and just the kind you love to munch in the evenings with your favorite TV show. But now you can get them on your customized chocolate!

Did you know that potato stix (or sticks) are also called "shoestring potatoes"? When they first came on the market, manufacturers packaged them in hermetically sealed steel cans to protect them from damage. The potato stix on your customized chocolate bars fear no danger though, for they are bedded in wonderful chocolate to protect them.

So how does it taste? Obviously, this is one for the adventurers among you, but in chocri internal taste tests, the potato sticks on chocolate fared pretty well... with most of us. It's definitely one of the more controversial toppings of the month, so we want your opinion! Try them and comment and let us know which camp you're in!


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