I shall state my possible intellectual bias from the outset here- I am a very big fan of white chocolate. My first chocri- etched into my coco-consciousness forever- was white with banana chips, bourbon vanilla and mini-cookies. It was even better than it sounds, creamy and crunchy and perfectly vanilla-y. I know some chocolate purists don't dig the white variety, but good quality white chocolate is a wonderful luxury to those who do.

is white chocolate chocolateToday's edition of "ask chocri" comes via our Twitter friend @fullcircleadv, who asks a fairly common question about the origins of white chocolate:

"I've heard that white chocolate isn't "really chocolate"? If it contains cocoa, how is it white? Thoughts?"

@fullcircleadv raises a good point- we describe things as being "chocolate colored," and white chocolate certainly isn't one of those things. So what exactly is it that makes white chocolate chocolate? The difference between white chocolate and regular chocolate lies in three components of chocolate-chocolate- cocoa solids, cocoa liquor and cocoa butter. **White chocolate contains the latter, but neither of the former ingredients.

Wise Geek breaks it down- here comes the science:

"To make chocolate, the seeds of the cacao plant are harvested and allowed to ferment slightly. The outer casing of the seeds is cracked, revealing an inner core which is ground into chocolate liquor. This substance is the base of most chocolates, but it can also be separated to yield cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is the fat of the chocolate, and it is rich, creamy, and very stable when processed well. Cocoa solids are mixed in with more chocolate liquor for intense chocolates, or sold separately. Cocoa butter can be processed to make a variety of products, including cosmetic creams."

And thus, white chocolate is born. Not from the solids or liquor of the cacao plant, but from cocoa butter. Do you share a penchant for paler chocolate? You might want to investigate our limited edition, strawberry chocri base chocolate.


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