Fashion Week's Hottest chocri!

Author: Kim | September 13, 2010 | ChocolateSpecial-Offers

In case you missed it, Fashion Week is well underway in New York, bringing with it runway shows, parties and news of spring trends.

fashion week 2010 chocriChocolate is pretty much always in style, but sometimes we're inspired and we just have to create a bar to honor an event or concept. So how do you make a chocolate bar fashion forward?

We've created the Fifth Avenue Chocolate Bar, and we think it's a perfect ode to the fashionista. We start with sophisticated dark chocolate as the base- and while many of our favorite chocri creations sport a bevy of delicious accessories (or toppings), we've kept this one super simple. The single topping on our most stylish chocri is golden pearls. From the official description:

We can't hide it - we're a NY startup: trendy fashion (in food) and pure luxury chocolate. Well, at least our chocolate bars are trendy, like this one. It has class, is elegant, and extremely delicious. And other than what you normally see on Fifth Ave, this stylish item of goodness is totally affordable!

Think of it as the chocolate equivalent of a little black dress.


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