Or if you're one of our new UK customers, "personalise" your chocolate.

personalized chocolateAs you may or may not know, chocri was conceived after one of our founders decided that the perfect gift for his girlfriend would be a personalized chocolate bar. While personalized chocolate makes a great gift because it is bespoke and created just for the recipient (unless you give a gift certificate so the recipient can customize their own chocri), the process can be a bit daunting for the first time virtual chocolatier.

You don't have to start from scratch to personalize a chocolate bar. While we love it when customers jump in and get creative with their bars (pretzels, pepper and pecans? Cashews, coconut and candied lilac?), there are a few ways to get a bit of help when you personalize your chocri.

1.) Check out our recommendation engine. If you fall in love with a single topping, it can generate some great suggestions to complement your choice.

2.) Tweak our recommended selections. Add or remove toppings to one of our ready-to-wear options.

3.) Fun with names. Even if you make a simple bar, creatively named personlized chocolate makes a great gift- for yourself or someone else. And we round up the top five each week on our blog.

Still stumped? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook- we're always happy to guide you!


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