Busy day today! We have two big news for you:

Ritter Invests Seven Digit Figure In chocri

Ritter is one of the major chocolate manufacturer - and just invested in chocri. Ritter makes colorful chocolate bars with a wide variety (not 27 billion, but 17 different kinds, which is a lot in the mass production world) and are a family owned company. We're really excited about this, because it allows us to increase capacity and efficiency in production - which benefits you, our customers! While we make 1,000 personalized chocolate bars, Ritter makes 2.5 million. Yes. In fact, they already looked over our production during the negotiations, and the improvements they suggested to us increased our productivity by more than 30%! Which means - more customised chocolate for the world! Yay!

Ritter Sport invests in chocri

We're launching in the UK on Monday!

The beta site is already up, and if you want to, you can already order. The UK has the third highest chocolate consumption per capita, and as many of you know, the British care for their chocolate to be of great quality. That's us! Customization (oops, customisation) is still very new though, even in the country of bespoke tailoring, but we've set out to change that in the US, and so will we in the UK. Check out the site if you want!

personalised chocolate bars in the UK


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